Friday, August 1, 2014

August starts the same way July ended for the Colorado Rockies...with a loss

Bill Geivett probably isn't thrilled to find out he is taking the blame.
Remember Memorial Day? It seems like a long time ago, right?

It was May 26th, and while the Colorado Rockies struggles had already begun, few had any idea how bad it would get. Since Memorial Day, the holiday that was over two full months ago, the Rockies have registered 17 total wins. That's it.

Everyone knew it was bad, but put it in that perspective and it shows just how bad things are for the Rockies. Remember April of 2007, the same year the Rockies found their way to the World Series? Everyone wrote them off in April because they went 10-16 in that month. That win total would have been better than both June and July, months in which the Rockies logged only eight wins in back-to-back months.

Despite the awful months, the Rockies continued their trail of excuses. In another great piece by Patrick Saunders in the Denver Post, Rockies assistant general manager Bill Geivett was quoted as saying that the Rockies didn't make any moves because they are a very good team who was the unfortunate victim of bad circumstances.

In other words, the Rockies annual excuse tour is in full swing.

No one can really blame Geivett. After all, his role essentially was setup to make him the fall guy for the next time Dan O'Dowd needed a fresh excuse. It seems that was what happened when Dick Monfort let the cat out of the bag on 850 KOA that Geivett was the one responsible for the lack of success at the big league level in 2014.

At this point, it might even be fair to start feeling bad for Geivett. Two years ago, when O'Dowd pulled his fake resignation and forced Monfort to woo him back, old friend Bill was put in a new position that allowed O'Dowd another excuse. While the word from the Rockies was that Geivett was in charge of Major League operations, it was clear that no one ever really bought that he was the guy in charge.

In trade rumors, offseason activities, interviews at the winter meetings, and anything else baseball related, O'Dowd was still deemed the guy in charge of the Rockies. The change in title was something that really didn't seem to make too much sense, and no one really dug too deep to try and find out if there was a true difference. Instead, it was probably rightfully assumed that nothing really changed and that O'Dowd was still in charge.

After Dexter Fowler was dealt to the Houston Astros in the offseason, he made a point of saying that no one really knew who was in charge. Geivett may have thought he was getting a nice promotion. Instead, he gets to be the goat.

With Geivett taking the blame for the 2014 season, no one mentions that the farm system that O'Dowd is supposedly in charge of has been the responsible party for the lack of depth that has failed to fill in for the Rockies when the Major League organization dealt with an extreme number of injuries. Geivett takes the blame, but the options he has been forced to work with are the likes of Yohan Flande and Christian Friedrich. Blaming Geivett and only Geivett doesn't really seem like the fair option.

Make no mistake, Geivett deserves to be searching the offices for a cardboard box as much as anyone. However, there is no way around the fact that the issues go far beyond simply Geivett. His theories may play into why the Rockies have a strict pitch count for their starters, and the way the bullpen is utilized, however, he is only a part of the problem.

As the Rockies march towards what seems an inevitable 100-loss season, the front office and ownership simply ignores the loss total. They ignore the ever-growing cries from both the fans and the media for changes. They seem to be the only ones who still don't quite understand that the Rockies are having a terrible season.

When ownership doesn't seem to get it, frustration builds into anger for the fan base. It seems like a slap in the face to the fans when what is clear as day is completely ignored by Dick Monfort. Even if Monfort has no baseball sense whatsoever, even he can't ignore how terrible the 2014 season has been. If he truly believes that the issue the the Rockies have only had issues the past three seasons because of a really unlucky streak, Monfort's issues might go beyond simply not being a baseball guy. If he can't see that the injuries are simply an excuse at this point, it might be time to question his overall intelligence.

The fact is, the fan base has had enough. The Rockies simply aren't going to be able to spin the excuses again and rally the fan base as they have been so successful at in years past. There is a different feel. People are tired of buying in only to be let down once again. The Rockies have to do something. They can't stand by and do nothing. If they choose to allow this management group to remain in control, or even make very small changes, the results might be a huge shock to the Rockies ownership.

Bill Geivett might be the one taking the blame, but Rockies fans aren't going to accept him as the sacrificial lamb. To buy back goodwill, Rockies ownership must clean out the entire house.

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  1. If the Monforts' don't care if the Rockies are a competitive team ... then I don't care about the Rockies either.

  2. I remember years ago when Avis car rental had ads, since they were ranked second they "try harder" Well, does the same thinking hold for the Rockies, if they are 30 th then does that mean they will try 30 times harder to be better. I think not. In MLB, the Rockies are probably ranked first in marketing and last in "baseball sense."

  3. Denver is a great place to play from the average player's perspective. Ownership is great, they don't care whether the team wins or loses as long as the turnstiles continue clicking away, the fans are wonderful imbibing and frolicking away, management, from top to bottom is inept with a collective over the top tolerance for ineptitude, the "star" players who are/were here for a long time accept losing so long as their stats are good and the paychecks are bloated.....That may well change if, most importantly, the number one guy, by far, says "I can't take it anymore, I want to win, trade me, preferably to the team where I can replace my idol, or to any team where there is a winning attitude from top to bottom". And management will ultimately do it, with the key factor being whether the erstwhile number 2 guy (Cargo) with the big salary can be packaged, i.e., a salary dump. to placate the fans, and draw more, the party deck will be enlarged with free beer at periodic intervals.

  4. For a brief moment after the ASB, the Rockies were healthy. Everyone but Cuddy was available. DLR, Anderson and Matzek were pitching (all plans this Spring) and fillers were holding their own.

    That was the team this FO built and advertised as "90-win" or at least competitive. No injuries, no excuses. The result; they don't just lose, but look terrible and stink doing it.
    The "solid starter's ERA" isn't enough to keep them in games (with Matzek turning back into a pumpkin), the 'Pen throws batting practice, the offense has been sleep-walking since the start of May and some position players should take lessons from little leaguers.

    Why are the Roxs in last place with zero future?
    Because of everything. Not one reason, not bad luck, but because the top is "fail" as is EVERYTHING it creates or touches. There's no cure.

  5. The whole Colorado Rockies organization from Owner, to General Manager, to Geivett, to Scouts, to Manager, to Coaches, are a disgrace to baseball. Don't blame the players, most of them belong in Class A ball. TOTALLY DISGUSTING. WORST RECORD IN BASEBALL. I ANOTHER FINISH IN LAST PLACE. STOP GOING TO GAMES, BOYCOTT. Even the TV announcers are terrible. All they talk about id their playing days. WHO CARES. I watch on computer and listen to the other teams commentators, because they have more to say about Rockies players than ROOT sports guys we have do. They are a joke. This organization has become as popular as the US Congress 12% approval rating. I was a relief pitcher in pro baseball once, and the quality of pitching the Rockies have shown, would have been released, not even acceptable for Class A ball, and people pay major league prices for their tickets. Go watch any minor league game, it's more fun and everything is fairly priced.