Thursday, August 7, 2014

Going through the motions has become the norm for the Colorado Rockies

Will the Rockies trade Tulowitzki in the offseason?
The Colorado Rockies wrapped up a miserable season on Thursday afternoon. The capped off a pitiful season with a lackluster 6-2 loss to the Chicago Cubs.

The Rockies now look forward to what will happen in the offseason. They will be forced to deal with the issues of whether or not they trade Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez, as well as addressing their serious bullpen issues...wait, what? The Rockies still have 48 games to go?

With the Denver Broncos starting their preseason schedule on Thursday night, the Rockies have finally become the afterthought that they have been desperately waiting to become. After a summer full of far too many negative headlines for the Rockies to be comfortable with, the Broncos kicking off their season--even if it is preseason--has to be a welcomed change for the Rockies.

If the headlines that have come from the Rockies on the field weren't bad enough, the majority of ink spilled berating the Rockies has been directed at their ownership and front office rather than the players on the field.

The Rockies are used to a little bit of heat from the media. However, this time it has been different. It seems that every columnist and beat writer at the Denver Post has not only taken a shot at the Rockies, but that they continue to pile on. Even those who have been known defenders of the Rockies have started to turn on the front office.

With the Broncos season turning from training camp to preseason games, and with the season opener around the corner, and with the Rockies continuing to simply go through the motions, the question has to be asked as to whether the Rockies will wiggle off of the hook again. Will the heat that the media has placed on this team fade into the overwhelming noise that comes with the orange and blue?

The Rockies, however, have to love the fact that the Broncos routinely have played a quarter of their schedule by the time another baseball season mercifully ends. If baseball season were to end in July, the outrage of fans might have been enough to force change. Instead, the anger from the fans goes away as their attention is drawn to football. The hate directed at the Rockies seems like something that was brought on by the heat of summer and is easily forgotten about as DeMaryius Thomas catches a bubble screen from Peyton Manning and blasts through four defenders as he picks up 25 yards.

The overlap of schedules gives the Rockies the chance to play out their string of games and slowly fade into the background. With sports fans mesmerized by the Broncos, and the Rockies so far out of contention for so long, the Rockies simply slowly fade away and get forgotten about until the cold weather gets old and people in Colorado start looking forward to spending more warm summer nights at Coors Field.

The sad reality is, this has become such a routine that it is extremely predictable.

This is the year, however, where that has to change. Of course the Broncos rule the city. However, fans need to not forget the bitter taste that they have in their mouths from another wasted year. They need to remember the emails that Dick Monfort sent to his paying customers, and they need to remember that he once again doubled down on a front office that hasn't had more than a month of success since mid-September 2010.

This year feels different. It feels like fans are far more concerned with the future of the Rockies than they have been in years past. In the past, fans would call for change, but there wasn't the same passion that seems to be behind it now. The Rockies used to be a joke in Colorado. That joke has grown old for fans and has turned into anger. That anger might seem like pessimism or even to some like fair-weather fans, but the reality is, those types of fans are the ones who put a level of accountability onto a franchise. They are in place to keep an owner and his front office in check. They are the people who require an answer when things don't go well. Those fans are the true fans.

While the Rockies have to play 48 more games in a season that can't end soon enough, the real measure of how upset fans are will come in how much pressure remains on a Rockies team that is playing in the long, dark shadow of the Broncos.

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  1. I hope you and every beat writer in the Post continue to bash this cast of misfits that arent qualified to run a food truck much less a MLB franchise.

    The biggest question is who will be the scape goat for the front office to try to quell the anger and pacify the season ticket holders. My guess is it will probably be Gievett as Walt and the players are sick of the idiotic office in the clubhouse and the tension that exists there. O'Dowd will remain and probably Cargo will be dealt to the Met's.

  2. I doubt the Roxs' FO failings will be fade or be forgotten. The unwillingness or inability to make FO changes this July, and subsequent trade deadline lerthargy, means 2015 is already another wasted year.

    Regardless if the entire FO and development staff gets canned this winter "as we all watch the Broncos", next year Roxs' fans will again be cursing the names of O'dowd and Geveitt. I still hate McDaniels.