Thursday, August 7, 2014

Troy Tulowitzki calls out the Colorado Rockies, beats them at their own game

Troy Tulowitzki made his beliefs very clear on Wednesday.
For the first time in the past three seasons, Troy Tulowitzki opened his mouth and Colorado Rockies fans celebrated.

On Wednesday afternoon before the Rockies home blowout of the Chicago Cubs, Tulo opened up about his desire to win. He told Nick Groke of the Denver Post that changes have to be made. The statement was made to clear up the idea that Tulowitzki is demanding a trade occur.

Tulowitzki makes it clear in his words with Groke that he sees that Rockies as being very close to where they need to be. He believes that they are a few pieces away from being a true contender. He points to the Opening Day roster and believes that the club is good enough to be in a much better spot next year.

However, he was quick to point out that changes need to be made. What kind of changes? Was the statement one that was an indictment of manager Walt Weiss, the second year skipper who routinesly gets his moves questioned? That is a possibility, but as former Rockies beat writer Troy Renck, who hasn't strayed too far from the baseball beat suggests, it isn't Weiss, as Tulo has taken a strong liking to his manager.

The statement made it clear that Tulowitzki isn't going to let Dan O'Dowd do to him what he has done to so many before him. The standard course of action for O'Dowd, when he chooses to get rid of a fan favorite, is to make a bold statement to the media completely assassinating the character of the player in which he has just traded, or is going to trade shortly.

The common statement, as was seen with Matt Holliday, was that the player simply didn't want to play in Colorado. That despite all of the great effort to win, the player believes that his life would be better somewhere else, so, poor O'Dowd, poor Rockies fans everywhere, that jerk of a person simply wanted out, and the team felt the need to oblige an unhappy player.

O'Dowd most recently said this with Dexter Fowler, who frankly never lived up to his billing. However, for someone in O'Dowd's role to rip the character of the player on his way out is simply classless.

It is easy to imagine that O'Dowd had already started to craft his excuse with Tulowitzki. If the shortstop came and asked for a trade, O'Dowd would tell owner Dick Monfort and anyone else who would listen just how bad of a guy Tulo was for not buying into the program and trusting the organization. In fact, it may have even been Tulo's fault that the Rockies never reached their potential because he was always such a bad guy in the clubhouse.

Instead, Tulo beat O'Dowd to the punch. He made it clear that he wants to stick around in Colorado, but only if there are changes, and changes that happen very soon. Of course, he doesn't specify what types of changes need to be made, but the comments about having the same basic roster in place, and his relationship with Weiss being strong, makes it easy to suppose that he is referring to either the front office or the amount of meddling Dick Monfort, who knows next to nothing about baseball, does in the Major League operations.

Things were bound to come to a head. The steam has been building since Monfort did an interview with Patrick Saunders which highlighted his lack of baseball knowledge. He followed up that interview with deciding that it was a wise decision to fire up his iPad ad start replying to angry fan e-mails.

Those moves, coupled with Monfort making it clear that O'Dowd and the front office is likely to remain in place, has cause some strong negative reactions from the most loyal of fans. There has been anger in years past, but that was usually followed by apathy. This time it is different. The anger isn't just frustration, it has so much more to it than simply that. This is a fanbase that is seeing the strong possibility that, after what will likely be a 100 loss season,  the star player will be dealt while the front office that couldn't help but trip over themselves continues to call the shots.

Tulowitzki's comments are essentially forcing the hand of Monfort. He has to do something. If he sticks to his guns and remains loyal to his failing friends, he will have to deal with the wrath of a fan base that is sick of buying in to a front office without a clue. This time, however, the team will be lacking the star that gave every fan a reason to believe that it will be a good year.

While Tulowitzki has angered many Rockies fans with his comments in recent years, this time, Rockies fans are rejoicing. This is the ultimatum that only he could make. The media, fans and bloggers could call for changes in the front office, but potentially the only one who could make it happen is Tulowitzki himself. His statements on Wednesday afternoon basically let Monfort know where he stands.

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  1. Proven talent -or- Proven failure

    In your previous piece, you listed how one cannot expect Monfort to make intelligent or even rational decisions going forward as he's consistently proven incapable of it. While fans, writers and even casual observers recognize what proven failures the Rox's FO is and the proven talent that Tulo is, should we expect Monfort to recognize the difference? Should we expect a housecleaning or the usual slander?

  2. I bombed Krissi on air tonight with the exact same interpretation as you wrote. That poor girl couldn't bring herself to go beyond the exact words that Tulo actually said to read between the baseball lines to what Tulo ACTUALLY said.

    Tulo's quote of, "But you look at the Red Sox and the things they did, they're kind of the model team. They blew things up and then next year they're right back in contention. So hopefully we can do a little bit of that.", makes me giggle because he used the plural of 'thing', a clear indication of both O'Dowd AND Geivett.

    I've never really been a fan of Tulo but it's refreshing to see him taking a stand and questioning his bosses. Give's a man hope that the ownership sees the same thing.

    1. I need to start listening to the hook up from 10 to midnight. I watch the Rockies and get so depressed , I could use some entertainment.

  3. He is wasting his breath.Tulo will be a Yankee next year anyways GO YANKEES!!

  4. If you're serious, Tulo, get rid of the injury bug-a-boo. You've played exact 69% of all your games since your first full season in 2007.

  5. I'd love Tulo to stay a Rockie for life, but let's face it, a guy with that kind of talent (injuries or not) wants to win. At some point, if the sinking ship isn't fixed, he's going to want to go...and I don't blame him. As frustrated as the fans are, I imagine the guys in the clubhouse are even more frustrated. Winning every 4 or 5 days has got to be hard on them. WE NEED TO DEAL for PROVEN PITCHING! We have decent bats. If our starters can keep us in the game without the threat of the bullpen blowing things up, we could seriously contend. Not to hop on the excuse train, but I also believe this year was a fluke. Injuries KILLED us this year. multiple pitchers on the dl for random broken bones in non-throwing arms, odd shoulder injuries, whatever is going on with CarGo. It's just been a mess...Everyone is right though. Major changes need to be made.

  6. They say Monfort keeps O'Dowd because of his eye for talent and the guys he brings up through the farm system. Frankly, I don't see it. the Sky Socks have a nearly identical record to the Rockies. I don't know how it is going in Tulsa, Ashville or Modesto, but if the Sky Socks are any indication things look to be pretty tough.

    Most of the guys the Rockies bring up from the Springs do not help the team. Everyone on TV says this guy did great or that guy played well but they don't usually last for long in Denver. The TV and radio guys are just placating the Rockies Front Office because that's where their bread is buttered. So I don't see it, but then I am not Dick Monfort either, thank goodness. I just like to go have a fun day at the park and see some ball. With the talent I see in the farm system that could be a while.

  7. While living in Cleveland in the early 90s Dan ODowd did the very same thing to the Cleveland Indians. I just when he came in time he would do the same to the Rockies. Get rid of him and not players.

  8. How about some of you bloggers thinking big picture? If the management sees set in stone, how about the easy way out? Management is very fond of Walt Weiss. He doesn't have to be manager. He can always take an assistant role like he used to have. The Rockies need a sure thing manager and pitching coach. The obvious choices in both might both be available sometime soon. Bud Black and Darren Ballsley would be a perfect fit in Colorado. They are both pitching guys. They get the most out of their talent. They can get more out of ok pitchers that anyone in baseball. If the Rockies management thinks that Belisle, Brothers, and Hawkins are the answer, then maybe these guys to change their skill set. How about the second coming of pitchers like Chacin, Chatwood, Nicasio, Flande, Hernandez? Do any of these pitchers strike fear in any other team out there. Does anyone out there think that Black and Ballsley might have some good opinions, stances, education, help for pitchers like ours?

  9. Get rid of O-Dowd. Have listened to his same sad story too many years...

  10. I have been a season ticket holder since day 1. Never have I been as frustrated as I am now. Monfort either needs to sell the team to someone who cares about winning or stay out of the day to day operations of the team and go count his money in his taxpayer paid for ball field. As for O'Dowd, he needs to go even if he's Dick bff.

    1. Agree 169%

      Dealin' Dan has spent his entire career shifting blame. It's about time he finally accepts it and doesn't slither through another season.

  11. I am hoping Tulo reiterates his comments when he will inevitably be asked to clarify what changes he would like.
    My guess is he wants out asap and preferably to the Yankees even though they have very little to offer.

    I would doubt highly that O'Dowd could ever character assassinate Tulo as he is a fan favorite and he would look like nothing but a sore loser because he couldn't keep his star happy. Nobody in this entire town want's O'Dowd here so any comment made would go on deaf ears anyway.

    In the end, Monfort would rather keep O'Dowd here than their top player since he is obviously his security blanket and cannot deal with any of this on his own.

    I hope the best for Tulo as I know he is probably gone next season and honestly he is too good for the misfits that run this organization. In the end it is the fans that suffer as we are stuck with dumb, dumber and dumbest in the front office.

  12. Look at it this way, you can't even spell your players names correctly on the stuff you give away to the paying fans. Why would anyone want to play for them? If my boss didn't spell my name correctly I would have a hard time with that. It's like nobody cares!

    1. I'm curious what a "Golden Arendo" is, but not curious enough to proposition a Craig's List date for one.

  13. Then play everyday, Tulo. You miss about 30% of every season. The Rox have a terrible habit, also, of putting you and Cargo back in your little boxes and up on the shelf the last month of a bad season.

    Sky Sox: Retirees playing slow pitch. Drillers: The new AAA.

    Pitching: OMG. There are no words. However, no good pitcher wants to come here. They just use the Rox as a shill to up the bids of other teams. I think we have some pretty good trade bait to possibly get a better prospective starter and reliever. Bundle up the bad and try for the good.

    Weiss: The only thing he does different from Tracy is that he kind of watches the game while hiding behind the padding on the railing instead of hanging his head down like Tracy used to do.

    The FO needs hop on the Amtrak Zephyr that toots by the back of Coors Field around 7:10 every night and get out of town.

  14. Tulo needs to shut his yap until he can play a full season. NY is looking better and better. Again ownership and management are lost in the money we continue to shuffle to their bank accounts.