Monday, March 31, 2014

Colorado Rockies open the 2014 season with a disappointment

Jorge De La Rosa looked great until the 5th inning.

If the Colorado Rockies were hoping that Opening Day would be a way to reel their fan base back in with a team fun of guys who hustle, who play with heart and demand to win, they might want a do-over. Monday night's game was sloppy. The Rockies looked like a team that had just met each other, not one that had been working together in spring training for the past six weeks.

The implosion happened in the 5th inning. To that point, Jorge De La Rosa had been brilliant. Subtract a bad pitch to Marcell Ozuna and the Rockies ace was nearly perfect through four innings. He had a slider with a bite on it and was commanding his fastball. It looked to be the typical De La Rosa night that leaves opposing batters baffled.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Opening Day is time to forget issues and root for wins

Opening Day is a time for excitement. 
Merry Christmas, baseball fans!

The Colorado Rockies open their season in Miami against the Marlins on Monday night. They have their ace, Jorge De La Rosa on the mound, facing the reigning Rookie of the Year in the National League, Jose Fernandez.

Rockies fans had every reason to by cynical this winter. After years of struggle and failure, the club's ownership acted as if nothing was wrong and made no changes in the decision-making members of the club. Those who bleed purple and black, those who saw a window of opportunity in 2007 and 2009 that seemed to be putting the Rockies on the map. Instead, constant failure put the Rockies back into a familiar position the past few Septembers, playing meaningless baseball games.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dexter Fowler strikes back as Colorado Rockies front office continues looking incompetent

Dexter Fowler lashed back at Dan O'Dowd's criticism.
The Colorado Rockies front office seems to pride itself in outside-the-box thinking. That thinking is clearly causing confusion not only outside of the organization, but within their own clubhouse.

On Sunday in the Houston Chronicle, former Rockies outfielder Dexter Fowler responded to comments that Rockies general manager Dan O'Dowd made about him shortly before shipping him off to the Houston Astros for next to nothing.

I was critical of the public character rip of Fowler back when it happened. O'Dowd hadn't completed the trade, yet was very willing to publicly undress Fowler in a way that was completely disrespectful. What O'Dowd mentioned had nothing to do with the outfielder not living up to expectations on the field, but rather calling him out as a guy who doesn't care enough about the game.

Clearly those comments hurt Fowler, who told Evan Drellich in the Chronicle piece that no one is even sure who the GM of the Rockies is. Not even the players in the clubhouse know if it is O'Dowd or Bill Geivett.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Time for talk is done for Colorado Rockies front office

Bill Geivett will take his turn with the firing squad on Tuesday.
The Colorado Rockies announced on social media sites that assistant general manager Bill Geivett will hop on Twitter on Tuesday to answer fan questions.

Earlier in the offseason, owner Dick Monfort fielded questions in the same manner. To say the questioning was embarrassing would be a huge understatement. Monfort felt the rage of the average Rockies fan, yet politely remained positive about the 2014 season.

While the move for Monfort was respectable, the fact is, when he opens his mouth to the media, and now to fans, it doesn't help public perception of him. He is a very genuinely nice man. However, the way the Rockies longtime owner comes across as incredibly clueless when he addresses the media and fans.

In the most laughable, yet painful, statements came when he said the Rockies have the top farm system in all of baseball. Either Monfort is lying, or he simply is uneducated.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fans have earned the right to be cynical about the Colorado Rockies

Eddie Butler is one reason for Rockies fans to be excited.
Hope springs eternal.

Something about those words gives fans of the 29 teams that didn't win the World Series a reason to be excited every February. Those are the words that Colorado Rockies fans have had to live by for a very long time.

The Rockies are the epitome of that saying. Every season they seem to come into spring with enough talent to threaten. They have a chance to be good.

If everyone stays healthy. If the bullpen can be consistent. If the starting rotation can keep them in games. If the offense hits the way that they are capable of hitting. There are plenty of "ifs" for the Rockies. That is the way this team is constructed.